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Giant Microbes Red Blood Cell Plush Toy Original Soft Body Educational Gift 12cm Key Information It’s time for Blood Appreciation; it’s not just for vampires anymore! Scientifically accurate design, a million times larger than life! Includes a card with facts about Red Blood Cells Perfect for teachers, scientists, or anyone with a healthy sense of humour! Approximately 12cm long Stock Number: GIANT-28201-B1272 Brand: Giant Microbes Dimensions: 120mm x 130mm x 40mm Weight: 38.00g Detailed Description There are moments in life that take our breath away, that leave our pulses racing and our hearts a flutter… and for those moments, it’s important to have something at hand to bring that breath back again! These Red Blood Cell Plushes by Giant Microbes are the perfect way to keep your juices flowing; these cells carry the vital haemaglobin through our body, vital for transporting oxygen to hard working cells, and then taking the waste carbon dioxide back to the lungs for removal. Each one lasts up to 6 months, and we can have over 10,000,000,000,000 in our body at any one time! It’s safe to say that, without these little red workhorses plying their trade, our entire existences would be a great deal shorter! And now, thanks to Giant Microbes, you can enjoy this vital building block of human life in your own home! These plushes have a scientifically accurate design, and even come with an array of facts about their specific disease, and are the perfect gift for scientists, teachers, students, or anyone with a healthy sense of humour! These Plushes measure approximately 12cm long –>

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